West Passyunk Neighbors Association Holds First Official Elections


West Passyunk Neighbors Association Holds First Official Elections

From philadelphianeighborhoods.com:
The air was full of excitement as people piled into a small room inside the Philadelphia Police First District building. Neighbors eagerly watched as faces showed up at the door, some familiar, some new. West Passyunk Neighbors Association (WPNA) President Jess Gould smiled at the front of the room, welcoming each individual to the organization’s first official elections last month.

 WPNA members unanimously voted to approve the organization’s first set of bylaws with one ratification clarifying eligibility to vote. The elections also included unopposed races for the positions of secretary, education committee co-chair, clean committee co-chair, and green committee co-chair.

 Members delivered campaign speeches to build support for officer and chair titles. Tom Hawthorne, an active WPNA member, stood and related his passion for making the community more environmentally conscious with activities such as tree plantings.

“It all started with one tree on my block,” Hawthorne said. “There was only one, and I wanted there to be at least one more.”

Other members seemed equally driven to fulfill expectations of their positions. Emily McMillan, the candidate for clean committee co-chair, became involved with WPNA about six months ago. McMillan expressed how excited she was about seeing the organization change the neighborhood. – continue reading